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Geneva • Cointrin Int'l Airport [GVA/LSGG] Switzerland


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Geneva Airport (IATA: GVA, ICAO: LSGG), formerly and still unofficially known as Cointrin Airport, is the international airport of Geneva, the second most populous city in Switzerland. It is located 4 km northwest of the city centre. Geneva airport was created in 1919 as a simple field in Cointrin, 1937 saw construction of the first concrete runway. In 1938 eight airlines were flying to Geneva: Swissair, KLM, Lufthansa, Air France, Malert (Hungary), AB Aerotransport (Sweden), Alpar (Switzerland) and Imperial Airways (UK). The Authorities build a first terminal in 1946 and the runway was enlarged once more to 2000 m. In 1947 the first service to New York started with a Swissair Douglas DC-4. On 17 July 1959, the first jet aircraft landed in Geneva, an SAS Caravelle, and the first Boeing 747 (TWA) in 1970. Today GVA serves as a hub for Swiss International Air Lines and easyJet Switzerland.



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  • The Buochs Airport ( ICAO code LSZC Mil: LSMU ) is a regional airport in the town of Buochs in the Canton of Nidwalden in Switzerland . It has a concrete runway with a length of 2000 meters and a width of 40 meters, several taxiways and hangars. The airfield is formally the responsibility of the Swiss Air Force , but is operated by the Civil Airport Buochs AG. Since 1 January 2004, the military airfield Buochs is a "sleeping base" of the Air Force. In case of an extraordinary situation the entire military infrastructure of the airfield can be made operational again. However, there are considerations that the military withdraws completely from the airfield. Next to the aircraft cavern near the airport is the factory premises of the Pilatus Aircraft who use the airfield including for test flights. In Buochs especially the aircraft Dassault Mirage III S, Mirage IIIRS, MirageIIIBS, IIIDS Mirage and F-5E were used. Pilatus use this airfield for all test- and delivery flights for the products manufactured by Pilatus aircraft such as the Pilatus P-3 , Pilatus PC-7 , Pilatus PC-8D Twin Porter , Pilatus PC-9 , Pilatus PC-12 and Pilatus PC-21 Buochs is equipped with a Aircraft cavern , also was A2 motorway built so that MirageIIIS using JATO booster rockets could take off from this highway. But this opportunity was never used . The air base is, at both end of the runway, equipped with retractable Arresting gear devices (used by the F/A-18 and in case of a problem by the F-5). The airfield was active until 2003; used for fighter jets of the Swiss Air Force. It was the home of militia Squadron 8 with F-5E , along with the reconnaissance squadron 10 with Mirage IIIRS. With the end of Buochs as active military airfield and the MirageIIIRS pass out of service, 2 MirageIIIRS received about a special painting in black and white. The in the 1999 decommissioning Mirage IIIS were turned to a hardstand at Buochs Airport for several years until their scrapping. Also often Pilatus PC-6, PC-7, Alouette III , Super Puma, Mirage IIIDS were used from Buochs, rarely was its use as alternate airport for F/A-18 . With the exercise "REVITA" in spring 2014 Buochs was activated by the Air Command Meiringen for 4 days and there were missions with F-5E and F/A-18 flown from Buochs. The airfield is also used for different occasions, the trade show "Iheimisch» Nidwaldner the trader was held there in May 2012 and in September of the same year, the 4th Air Show Swiss Aero Expo In July 2010, the 35th World Championship of the Army paratroopers took place in the square, parallel to this, a big concert with Bonnie Tyler was held. On 1 August 2014, the Airshow PC-7 Team has for the first time officially, the show flown with smoke generators on the airfield Buochs. The reason for this event was the Swiss National Day, the 25th anniversary of the PC-7 Team and the roll-out of the Pilatus PC-24 . The Modellfluggruppe Nidwalden (MGN) uses the airfield.
  • Militärflugplatz Dübendorf (ICAO: LSMD) is a military airfield northeast of Dübendorf in Switzerland, located east of Zürich. The search for a suitable site for an airfield started in 1909. On 1 August 1910 geography improvement of the swamp started and on 22 October 1910 the first airshow was held on the Airfield Dübendorf. Since 1914 Dübendorf has been used as an air base by the Swiss Air Force. From 1919 on Dübendorf was also an airport for civil airlines, first for the predecessor of the Swissair, the Ad Astra Aero, and from 1932 on for Swissair. After World War II, civil aviation moved to the new Zurich Airport, opened in 1948, and Dübendorf became a purely military airfield. During the Cold War, Dübendorf was the home of helicopters and jets such as the de Havilland Vampire, de Havilland Venom, Hawker Hunter, Dassault Mirage III and Northrop F-5 Tiger II. Also, the Swiss-built fighter jet FFA P-16 took off from Dübendorf for its first supersonic flight. Today Dübendorf AFB is the home of Lufttransportstaffel 3 and Lufttransportstaffel 4, home base of the PC-7 Team and The Flieger Flab Museum (English: Swiss Air Force Museum). Discover below all work of the Team
  • Payerne Airport (ICAO: LSMP) is a military airfield of the Swiss Air Force north of Payerne in Switzerland, located approximately halfway between Lausanne and Bern. Payerne AFB is the home of the F/A-18 Fighter squadrons Sqd17 Falcons and Sqd18 Panthers, the militia F-5E Tiger II Squadron 6 Ducks, and of the Transport squadron LT1. Every aircraft type of the Swiss Air Force can be seen operating from Payerne. It is home to the air investigation division of the Swiss Transportation Safety Investigation Board "Schweizerische Unfall Untersuchungs Stelle" / SUST (formerly the Swiss Accident Investigation Board) . Discover below the work of the Team Coming soon
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