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Bankruptcy # Luftfahrgesellschaft Walter (HE/LGW) Germany

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

[Düsseldorf 22.APR.2020] Luftfahrgesellschaft Walter (LGW), a former subsidiary of the Lufthansa group, has filed for bankruptcy, having no economic prospects due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Acquired by the German group from Air Berlin in December 2017, then sold in spring 2019 to the Zeitfracht Gruppe, LGW was to see its flights operated on behalf of low cost Eurowings cease next year; it will not have lasted until then. Faced with the collapse in demand, she declared her insolvency on April 22 in a court in Düsseldorf, "no lasting positive economic outlook" is foreseeable. The ACMI company (crewed rental) leased 15 of its 16 Dash-8 Q400s from the Lufthansa subsidiary specializing in cheap flights; all these planes are currently parked in Bratislava.

The statement of Zeitfracht Group, the health crisis forced Eurowings nailed to the ground 90% of its fleet, and the contract that bound to LG Walter was broken "with very short notice," says CEO Dominick Wiehage. "We have made intensive efforts to find uses for our aircraft throughout Europe, and will continue to do. But due to the almost complete cessation of air traffic, unfortunately these efforts have so far failed. " The group says further be unable to predict if and when it receives public assistance "to bridge the period until the recovery of air traffic, particularly on regional routes served by LGW" . The airline currently employs 354 people, including 294 Crew.

Fleet of Bombardier DHC-8-402Q Dash 8
  1. D-ABQA / FC Union Berlin cs / Alexandra

  2. D-ABQB / Betty

  3. D-ABQC / Claudia

  4. D-ABQD / Anne

  5. D-ABQE / Tanja

  6. D-ABQF / Julia

  7. D-ABQG / Gina

  8. D-ABQH / Helga

  9. D-ABQI / Ines

  10. D-ABQJ / Juna

  11. D-ABQK / Katharina

  12. D-ABQM / Myriam

  13. D-ABQN / Kaya

  14. D-ABQO / Olivia

  15. D-ABQP / Patricia

  16. D-ABQQ / Sabine

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