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Corsair # Bye bye F-HSUN

Paris - Orly | 09 JUN 2020

Today the end of an era for Corsair, after 15 years of operation, the F-HSUN is the first of the last 3 B747-400s Corsair fleet to leave Orly ( home base ) to Cotswold Airport in England.

For this one-way trip of the FHSUN, several corsair employees and fans were there to say goodbye to this "Queen of the skies"

Its final destination is Cotswold Airport (GBA / EGBP) UK, where it will be broken down.
Sad end for this old lady, who before began its career in 1991 under the colors of United Airlines until 2005 where it had been bought by Corsair.

Final landing at GBA with courtesy of RAF Fairford Spotter

Review some pictures about the F-HSUN


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