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Corsair # Retires Its Final Boeing 747

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Sad news for all lovers of the Boeing 747, the French carrier "Corsair International" withdrew its last three B747s a year earlier than expected, due to the epidemic of coronavirus. The end of an era in the French sky, after Air France in 2016, Corsair was the last French airline to operate the 747.

I invite you view a gallery of Corsair B747s, with the courteous each photographers mentioned on the picture :

Also you can saw an other gallery of 2016, Corsair celebrated its 35th birthday with a musical concert at 35,000 Feet inside one of these B747s (F-GTUI) around the France

The airline based at Paris Orly, Corsair is one of the rare companies to have operated all models of Boeing 747 (except the -8).

• B747-100 from 1991 to 1998 : F-GIMJ / F-GKLJ / F-BPVG / F-BPVE

• B747-200 from 1992 to 2000 : F-GLNA / F-GHPC / F-GPJM

• B747-SP from 1994 to 1996 : F-GTOM ( stored at Châteauroux LFLX )

• B747-300 from 1992 to 2007 : F-GSEA / F-GSUN / F-GSEX / F-GSKY / F-HJAC

• B747-400 from 1999 to 2020 : F-GTUI / F-HSUN / F-HSEA / F-HSEX / F-HLOV / F-HKIS


However, Corsair intends to resume its long-haul operations in June following its current grounding. With this plan, the airline will only be returning its Airbus A330 fleet (which includes brand new A330-900neo in order) to the skies, leaving its ageing 747s on the ground.

Corsair is not the only airline to send the “Queen of the Skies” into early retirement as a result of the coronavirus crisis :

• Lufthansa is retiring 5 out of 13 747s early,

• British Airways is also reportedly contemplating letting its 747s go before schedule.

• Qantas 747s may also not be returning to service

• KLM initially meant to take its 747s out of service in 2021, but instead sent them for retirement in early March. However, the airline has since brought back two 747 combis to assist in cargo efforts.

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