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Go Air # Flight Review • G8 803 [ Port Blair → Bangalore ] A320 • Economy Class

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

PART.3 / JAN.2019 by Thierry Wheeler

Hello everybody

The rest of my trip to the Andaman Islands with a return flight to Bangalore followed to Delhi with the Indian airline "Go Air" .

Go Air • G8 803 [ Port Blair IXZBLR Bangalore ] A320 • Economy Class


The airport of Port Blair is quite small, nestled between hills the unique trail is surrounded by hills.

The joggers park that I recommend for spotting but you have to go in the morning because all the flights leave at about the same times

Airbus A 320 from Go Air since the Joggers Park a few days rather

Let's go back to the departure of my flight, sorry no pictures of the terminal because full of military and saw that is an airport mi civil / mid military I remained wise.


picture taken in the bus discreetly and during boarding.


the flight will be full ...

every space is good for a pub shot

My seat 14A and safety-card


the service is "Buy on Board" and here is my choice

small visit to the back of the plane and to the toilets that were clean

Descent and arrival in Bangalore.


small visit to the airport during my transfer to New Delhi.


Late departure from Port Blair but with a 3h connection to Bangalore no need to hurry. Fare of 128 euro with choice of seat and luggage of 30 kg for these two flights.

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