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Kuwait Airways # Flight Review • KU 382 [ New Dehli → Kuwait ] B777 • Economy Class

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Trip by Thierry Wheeler @ Part.4 of 5 / JAN.2019

Please read more of my return trip to Paris, after a arrival delay to Delhi, although having 3 hours for my connection between my flight from Bangalore with "Go Air" and "Kuwait Airways" to Kuwait City.


I was one of the last passengers to register. The passage of immigration has been laborious, a monstrous queue of at least 50 minutes of waiting, my flight leaving in less than 1h20 a ground staff of Kuwait asks the military in charge of the filter if it is possible to pass in front of the others passengers what he refused. So we asked directly other passengers in the queue if we can double them because our flight has already started boarding.

I would have both boarding passes for my flight to Kuwait City and Paris*. After the passage of immigration and security here I am in the bonded zone (*next flight review )

I go to the door A 08 or embarkation has already begun. 11 minutes of walking from the safety filter.



Fast walking by the Business class, and the eco cabin, the aft cabin is not be full but the first cabin though. We will waiting for the last passengers during a good half hour because some PAX have been stuck in the immigration.

I must say that Kuwait Airways really took care in details with its logo on each rear wall of the cabins. Thing that certain company of which a national company should do ....

In the image of some Gulf company nothing tinsel like Emirates with gilding and wood.


Easy to use menu, damage by the movies are only in Arabic and English, no translation into French or German for other customers who do not speak both languages.


meal served, two choices vegetarian Indian and omelette. After the breakfast the cabin will be off for a short rest ...

Other remark, no cover on the seats will have to ask it directly with the crew.

Descent to Kuwait

We will be parked at the old airport terminal which is only used by Kuwait Airways for flights to JFK and other airlines coming to Kuwait. I guess the next flight of this 777 will be JFK.

Disembark by bus to the new Kuwait Airways terminal which is used pending the opening of another terminal which will be the main terminal of the airport.



I took Kuwait Airways in 1994 for a quick flight between CDG and LHR. At the time there were still many companies that operated intra-European flights. There was on this flight 50 minutes a full service with hot meal in eco. By cons the plane was in a deplorable state and the staff I had had was very average.

Kuwait Airways had until now the image of a state-owned company that had not evolved for at least 20 years. old Airbus A 300-310-340, cabins out of age with a fairly basic service, While on the flight of this day a Boeing 777-300 ER latest generation with large video screen, room for the legs, and a good meal.

Most :

- The price 280 euro one way between DEL-KWI-CDG

- New 777-300 ER airplane

- Seats with a very good inclination and space for the legs

- Good meal

- PNC flight smiling, pleasant except the CCP flight that at the time I speak with the PNC from the back will come invincer in front of me, quite average for the image.

- Quick connection to Kuwait City

The lessers :

- The Kuwait City terminal: only one Duty-free shop and a cafe.

- very unpleasant CCP

- No cover on the seat on a long-haul flight

- poor quality earphone.

- The immigration filter at Delhi (but this is not the responsability of the company )

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