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VISTARA # Flight Review • UK 833 [ Chennai → Port Blair ] A320 • Economy Class

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Part.2 / JAN.2019 by Thierry Wheeler

After a short night in a small hotel in Chennai, 5 minutes by taxi from the airport, here I am en route for the rest of my trip. I take the first tuk tuk available in the street and here I am in front of the new terminal of domestic flights, as we can see there is still work, I do not know if they will connect the two terminals (international and domestic) or if there will be an extension of the domestic terminal

Small tour at the departure level which indicates the companies present in the Vistara terminal will be part of the "All Airlines" in this case.

As always, if you are traveling in India, think about printing your ticket because without a paper ticket the army that filters the tickets will not let you into the terminal. Fortunately, if you do not have the precious sesame companies all have their sales counter that gives to the outside of the terminal so you can print it.

Let's look at the screens to see which area does this record, It is possible to register on one of the available BLS. But I would go check in at the counter because I have a suitcase.

The staff from the eco counter will offer to buy an upgrade in premium or business because the flight is not full. What I would decline, it will make me by cons benefit of the priority tag for my bag and priority access for boarding, very delicate attention on his part and that really leaves a picture of "good customer care".


While waiting for my flight that leaves in more than 1:30 I will enjoy the large bay window to spotting :


Boarding will begin soon, there are two files for the eco and the other "priority" for Business and premium but there is nobody to take care of it.

Passage by the Business cabin in 2X 2, And the premium eco, And the eco, there will be only 80 passengers in eco on the flight

We are ready for departure.

Passage in front of the terminal of the international flights. Follow-up of take-off and flight over chennai

Let's look at the contents of the cover, The company review and the buy in board although there is a free service.

The meal is distributed, two choices, a vegetarian and one with chicken. The company's super initiative, biodegradable cutlery, in a country like garbage-ridden India is a very good initiative that other, much larger companies should follow. By cons for only drink we will have a bottle of water followed by tea and coffee.

The company has an internal wifi system with film, geovision and music, you have to download the application "vistara world" before the flight to have access. Sufficient content for a flight of 2 hours, for the damage that there is no offer of newspapers and magazines.

View of the winglet before starting the descent to Port Blair

The airport is crossed by Army and Navy personnel who have a base on the airport. We will park next to another Vistara A320 that arrived before us.

Disembarked by the two front and rear doors of the plane that gives me time to take some pictures.

Arriving in the terminal I am on the list to have the permit to stay 30 days in the Andaman Islands and I wait for my suitcase that will come quickly. The airport is a little dated but functional and the passage between the exit of the plane and the exit is very fast.



Vistara, the new company created by the joint venture of Singapore Airlines and TATA offers a quality product at prices sometimes identical or a bit more expensive than the Indian low cost, the offer of an internal WIFI system that offers movies or music is a very good initiative in a responsible eco initiative (no individual screens = less heavy aircraft = less fuel consumption).

Very nice crew who does his job with pleasure and it shows.


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